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Demand for Live-Work-Play Fueling Global Interest in Atlanta Multifamily Market

With Atlanta’s economy more robust than ever, demand for multifamily housing remains high, driving rent growth and investor interest throughout the market. Since the last cycle — when a reliance on construction hit hard — the city has transformed its economy by building up its IT, healthcare and automotive sectors, among others. The results of strong job growth and the diversification of employment are evident market-wide. In particular, Buckhead and Midtown have seen a substantial..

December 4, 2017

Creative Office Space Fuels Growth in the Already Robust Atlanta Market

Although so-called “creative office space” is for now a tiny slice of the overall supply in Atlanta, it represents the most significant change in the use of office space in generations. Tenants and landlords have only begun to use creative design principles to push rents past levels previously thought unreachable, while increasing worker productivity and satisfaction. Trends in this sector will define the American workplace for decades. The largest users of creative office space —..

November 27, 2017

Atlanta’s Disciplined Retail Market Ready to Face Headwinds from REITs, Amazon

A decade ago, the Atlanta retail market was a house of cards. It was clear to see this if you were in the industry at the time, and possibly even if you weren’t. Based on the intense overbuilding that had taken place, it wouldn’t have taken a worldwide economic meltdown to wreck it, though that didn’t help. Literally hundreds of unanchored retail centers had cropped up all over suburbia, fitting directly into everything that people consider to be negative about shopping centers. The..

November 20, 2017

Independence Realty Trust to Acquire Nine-Property Multifamily Portfolio for $228.1M

PHILADELPHIA — Independence Realty Trust Inc. (NYSE: IRT) has agreed to acquire a nine-property multifamily portfolio for $228.1 million. The portfolio contains 2,353 units across the U.S. The seller was not disclosed. This acquisition will allow IRT to further develop its presence in core markets like Atlanta, Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio. It will also allow the REIT to enter two new markets, though further information regarding the assets’ locations was not disclosed. IRT..

September 6, 2017

Atlanta Multifamily Market Continues Strong Performance in All Asset Classes

In 2016 and the first quarter of this year, Atlanta’s economy boomed, showing several positive signs that point to another banner year for the multifamily market. From December 2016 through February 2017, Atlanta added 96,700 total non-farm jobs, an increase of 3.7 percent over the same time the previous year. Additionally, in 2016 the city experienced 3 percent wage growth overall. This translates to a robust multifamily market with solid fundamentals. According to Axiometrics,..

July 24, 2017

Atlanta’s Office Market Continues to Thrive, Though a Test Looms on the Horizon

It is no secret that Atlanta has been a booming market in the post-recession era. Metro Atlanta added more than 85,000 jobs in 2016, while the unemployment rate has dropped to 4.9 percent, back to a prerecession level (2007). Atlanta has ranked near the top of the largest 10 office markets in annual job growth, outpacing the likes of New York, Los Angles and Chicago. There was 3.3 percent job growth in 2016, outpaced by only one large metropolitan peer, Dallas-Fort Worth. Rent Growth The..

July 17, 2017

Atlanta Industrial Market’s Record Performance Drives Investment Demand

The Atlanta industrial market continues to grow in popularity when it comes to real estate investors’ appetite. Industrial assets are “hot items” in current investment sales transactions as the region’s economic momentum continues to position Atlanta as one of the healthiest industrial markets in the Southeast. Some of the major local and macro-economic trends affecting the industrial market include the ongoing growth of infrastructure, logistics and manufacturing industries...

July 10, 2017

Retailers are Seizing the Opportunity to Backfill Shuttered Stores in Atlanta

It’s long been known that Atlanta, along with many other markets in the United States, is over-retailed. However, not all retailers are “overstored.” With the recent number of store closings announced (Sports Authority, hhgregg, Kmart, Sears, JC Penney, to name a few), it’s understandable that some have concerns over the current state of retail. That said, for many retailers, these closures become opportunities to enter certain markets or grab better positions within an existing..

July 3, 2017

Atlanta’s Office Market Experiencing Positively Boring, Safe Growth

The Atlanta office market has continued down a path of steady recovery and absorption, although the pace remains somewhat muted from prior recovery cycles. As outside investors have warmed up to the city of Atlanta, they have been comforted by a safe and positively boring period of growth. For the last couple of years, investors have been committed strongly to value-add opportunities throughout metropolitan Atlanta, including areas that have historically been out of favor like Alpharetta and..

January 16, 2017

Retailers Try to Keep Up With Atlanta’s Dynamic Consumer Population

To understand the state of retail in Atlanta in 2005, you first looked at where and what developers were building, then to where retailers were locating and lastly to how consumers were shopping. Simply put, if a developer built it and a retailer occupied it, the consumer was sure to shop there, but that’s no longer the case. To understand the state of retail in Atlanta today, you need to start with the Atlanta consumer. Go Big or Go Home From 2000 to 2010, the Atlanta Regional..

January 9, 2017