Advocacy Development Completes Entitlements for 83-Unit Assisted Living Project in San Jose

by Amy Works

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Advocacy Development Partners (ADP) has received unanimous approval from the San Jose City Council for a new assisted living and memory care project in the city. The 1.2-acre project will include 73,000 square feet of living and common areas, comprisingf 83 units and 93 beds.

“This facility underscores the need for assisted living and memory care for senior residents in San Jose,” says Pam Foled, Councilmember for District 9, where the community will be located. “This project meets the market demand in a fashion that is least intrusive to the overall community by terracing the building into the single-family neighborhood of Dry Creek and creating fabulous outdoor garden spaces for the residents.”

As recommended by the San Jose Planning Commission, the City Council approved the Conditional Use Permit for the project site to replace existing dilapidated retail strip buildings with a modern, three-story building.

ADP is in the process of securing its project team of architects, engineers and contractors for the development, according to Paul Bunton of ADP. He says the firm also expects to have its financing and operator in place in the next couple months and anticipates breaking ground in early 2021, which would put the development on track for a spring 2023 opening.

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