Coronavirus & Capital Markets: Opportunity in the Midst of Caution

Lenders and investors may be a little wary when approaching deals under the shadow of COVID-19, but opportunities to employ capital strategically when market prices are low can make for long-term opportunities. Many in commercial real estate hope to lay significant groundwork, strengthening their economic trajectories whenever the market recovery begins. Keith Kurland, senior managing director at Walker & Dunlop, serves as co-head of the company’s New York Capital Markets practice and …

Portland, Oregon Multifamily Fundamentals Wobble, but Remain Healthy Overall in June

Five months into the pandemic, fissures are beginning to form in the foundation of the multifamily market. Through the spring leasing season, liquidity from enhanced unemployment insurance benefits and a yearning for stability in uncertain times were enough to maintain occupancy near pre-coronavirus levels and to provide something of a buttress for rents. As spring turned to summer, however, winds seemed to change direction, tenant patience began to fray and property performance waned. West …

Webinar: South Florida Retail Outlook: What is the Impact of COVID-19 on South Florida’s Retail Sector?

Last week, Shopping Center Business and Southeast Real Estate Business hosted "South Florida Retail Outlook: What is the Impact of COVID-19 on South Florida’s Retail Sector?" Listen as a panel of retail experts discusses their gameplans: working with tenants and their employees as the industry seeks to adapt. Hear about attitudes towards loans, rent reductions, property value, next steps and more. See a list of some topics covered and their timestamps below: (07:00): How are …

Seattle Could Provide Template for National Multifamily Recovery

In the realm of apartment market research, Seattle represents a bellwether of sorts these days, where broader trends and themes can be parsed. Seattle’s economy, population and real estate landscape have grown at rates previously considered impossible in a primary market. The city stands at the veritable intersection of technological and generational change — the corner of Large Cap Tech Boulevard and Millennial Street — and it has developed into the avatar of the infill, wood-frame …

Revenue Volatility: Friend or Foe to San Antonio Multifamily Investors?

During the great multifamily bull market of this passing decade, investors became increasingly comfortable with exposure to highly volatile metropolitan markets. In an era when it was difficult to make a bad investment decision, the most lucrative were, in most cases, located in areas of the country known for their roller-coaster real estate cycles. Indeed, it seemed as though a purchase capitalization rate could never be too low if an asset was located in one of the primary markets. Volatility …

Austin: The Right Place at the Right Time for Multifamily Sector

“After COVID-19, nothing ever will be the same,” has become a common refrain these days. Perhaps for the next decade or so, every important life choice will be made with public health and safety concerns in mind — and the most commonly chosen solutions will be meaningfully different than before. Among the most fundamental life choices subject to this new scrutiny will be where to live, how to make a living and how to safely move about. Many Americans will opt for less densely populated …

Facility Management Will Require Changes Under New COVID-19 Regulations

Facility managers across the nation are sorting through information about the coronavirus and looking at building modifications that can prevent the spread. Owners and tenants alike in the office and retail sectors have turned to facility management professionals to help their businesses thrive under rapidly evolving circumstances. REBusinessOnline recently spoke with three facility management professionals from Lee & Associates via video conference about their company’s approach to …

Weak Oil Price Outlook Puts Houston Multifamily Sector Back on Its Heels

Houston is less reliant on the oil and gas industry than it once was, and considerable strides have been made to diversify the economy away from the oil patch. Still, the hard reality remains: Houston’s prosperity and hydrocarbons are intrinsically linked. Decoupling one from the other will be devilishly difficult. The world will derive the preponderance of its energy from oil and gas for decades to come, but market share will continue to diminish, and oil and gas revenue inevitably will …

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Multifamily Appraisal Industry

The spread of COVID-19 is impacting all industries and markets — including the appraisal space. That said, appraisers should avoid making long-term assumptions about the impact the virus will have on real estate values. According to the Appraisal Institute, the current environment is fluid: An important part of any appraisal assignment is an analysis of market conditions. The coronavirus threat may be impacting market conditions. However, in most markets, it is not yet clear to what …

Webinar: Healthcare/MOB Real Estate Investment & Development Market Update

[caption id="attachment_265407" align="aligncenter" width="1085"] Investment Panel: (Clockwise from top left) Rob Hull, Healthcare Realty; Peter Westmeyer, MBRE Healthcare; Chip Conk, Montecito Medical; Mindy Berman, JLL (moderator).[/caption] [caption id="attachment_265408" align="aligncenter" width="1084"] Development Panel: (Clockwise from top left) Mark Davis, Davis; Ben Ochs, Anchor Health Properties; Chad Henderson, Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate; Murray Wolf, Healthcare Real Estate …

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