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Bohler is a land development consulting and site design firm that helps developers, owners, and other real estate professionals identify and act on opportunities and, ultimately, move their projects forward faster.

Driven by a deep commitment to empower the ambitious to become the accomplished, Bohler’s teams and operations are aligned in providing clients and employees with the resources, knowledge, and support they need to achieve their loftiest goals.

Working across commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential markets, Bohler is especially adept at leveraging industry change and tackling site challenges in service of achieving successful land development projects that grow clients’ businesses and transform communities.

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Insights from the Bohler Team

Expanding Bohler’s Land Surveying Services: A Q&A with Billy Logsdon

For Billy Logsdon, PLS, land surveying is about more than locating, describing, and mapping a site’s boundaries – it’s about delivering accurate and detailed information early in a project that empowers developers to make informed, data-driven decisions.

As Divisional Director of Surveying, Billy leads with more than 20 years of private land development surveying experience. In 2018, Bohler tapped Billy to expand its surveying operations in Texas. Earlier this year, Billy collaborated with Collin Woodyard, CISEC, LSIT, to launch Bohler’s surveying services throughout Florida…. < Read the full article on Bohler’s website >

Development Trends Stemming from America’s Industrial Boom

It’s no secret that industrial markets are booming across the nation. Throughout Bohler’s footprint, and particularly in the Southeast, we are seeing a continued rise in the number of warehouse, distribution, and data center land development projects taking shape.

I recently joined a panel of industry experts at the REAL Professionals Network event, “Industrial and Supply Chain Overview,” to take a look at why, and where…. < Read the full article on Bohler’s website >

Shaping the World: An Interview with Taylor Parker

Engineering shapes our world through innovation and creative problem-solving. Each year, International Women in Engineering Day highlights the work and achievements of female engineers.

To recognize the importance of women’s contributions to engineering, Wiss interviewed Bohler Branch Manager Taylor Parker, PE, a founding member of Bohler’s Women’s Professional Network and leader of Bohler’s Miami office. Taylor shared what inspired her to pursue a career in engineering and what it takes to stand out in a traditionally male-dominated industry…. < Read the full article on Bohler’s website >

How Cornelius Brown Is Inspiring Philadelphia’s Next Generation

Growing up as a minority from an underserved community in Philadelphia, Principal Cornelius Brown, PE got to where he is today by acting on the opportunities he was given. Now with a successful land development career, he’s taking advantage of a chance to create opportunities for others. As a board member of Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia, he’s empowering other students like him to identify their career path.

Breakthrough provides supplemental education for disadvantaged minority high school students. The program prepares students to succeed at competitive high schools and colleges. Guest speakers present on topics that range from careers to critical life skills like…. < Read the full article on Bohler’s website >

Development Team Headed to Miami? 4 Things You Need to Know

A New York-based acquaintance recently asked me if I thought there was still development opportunity in Miami. I smiled, nodded, and then proceeded to tell him about the continued influx of residents and businesses arriving in the City regularly. The sustained population growth is fueling long-term development opportunity.

As Miami continues to flourish with real estate and development activity, it attracts a growing number of out-of-state developers every day. My team has guided many of them in developing successful projects throughout the tri-county region, specifically within Miami-Dade County. These projects include designing and permitting for unincorporated properties governed by the County, as well as sites within the incorporated cities in Miami-Dade, which are… < Read the full article on Bohler’s website >

An Insider Look at Richmond’s Industrial Boom

While industrial real estate development continues to surge throughout the country, developers and owners are flocking to Richmond, VA, in particular, for new warehouse, distribution, and data center facilities.

As a Richmond native, I’ve built my professional career within central Virginia’s commercial land development industry. In leading my team in planning and designing several warehouse and distribution developments in Henrico, Hanover, and Chesterfield counties, I’ve experienced the recent surge in industrial growth firsthand…. < Read the full article on Bohler’s website >

3 Things to Do When the Easy Sites Are Gone

Obvious sites in the right location are difficult to come by, if they exist at all. As a result, developers are being challenged to evaluate sites differently than they have in the past.

When Holman Automotive Group sought to relocate their Audi dealership to Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, they didn’t find the clean, multi-acre site they were hoping for. Instead, they found an undersized site in a wetland-filled floodplain. By adjusting their site selection approach, they saw potential and were able to make the challenging site work.

The next time you find yourself searching for an easy button that isn’t there, consider these three ways to make a less-than-desirable site work – and potentially save time and money along the…. < Read the full article on Bohler’s website >

Looking Beyond the Current Tenant

3 Flexible Design Features That Create Opportunity for a Property’s Future Reuse

Sites are more likely to succeed over time if they are positioned to adapt to change. During design, there are layout and building options that better prepare owners for changes in use and make the site more attractive to future buyers or tenants.

Here are three examples of flexible design options that accommodate different future uses, reduce redevelopment construction costs, and ultimately, increase property value…. < Read the full article on Bohler’s website >

How TX’s “Shot Clock Rule” Affects Development Approvals

For Texas developers, the recent “Shot Clock Rule” can potentially accelerate project timelines and streamline approvals. Here’s what you need to know about how the rule may affect the local land development approval process.

Standardizing Regulations

Prior to House Bill 3167 (the “Shot Clock Rule”), Texas jurisdictions established their own land development review processes. They could provide unlimited, subjective comments, often resulting in multiple applicant submissions, additional fees, and unknown timeframes…. < Read the full article on Bohler’s website >

The Drive-Thru Differentiator

3 Questions to Consider Before Adding a Drive-Thru

COVID-19 has flipped the script on commercial design trends, bringing a renewed focus on drive-thrus. As a less risky method to make purchases during a pandemic, the drive-thru has become a key differentiator for retailers of all types. As many struggle with declining sales due to restrictions and stay-at-home measures, retailers are finding renewed value in their drive-thru capabilities.

At Bohler, our teams are seeing an influx of requests to add drive-thrus to existing stores. We’re also seeing projects midway through the entitlement process—even a few in construction—redesigning the project to add a drive-thru… < Read the full article on Bohler’s website >