C.W. Driver Completes $73M Cal Poly Pomona Student Services Building in Pomona, California

by Amy Works

POMONA, CALIF. — C.W. Drive Cos. has completed the construction of a new student services building at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. The three-story, 138,400-square-foot structure consists of two buildings beneath an undulating roof, which uses solar power to regulate the building’s temperature and energy efficiency.

Designed by CO Architects, the curved steel and concrete roof regulates the building’s temperature through its solid and perforated panels. Additionally, the roof shades the exterior glass windows, reducing glare and maximizing natural light.

Serving as the new “front door” to the university, the $73 million building plays a critical role in the long-term development of the university, increases operational efficiency and enables growth. The property replaces former student services and administration areas and consolidates key departments located elsewhere on campus. The building will also serve as a one-stop service center to facilitate access, increase visibility and streamline operations for students and staff.

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