Student Housing Finance Transactions Continue Through Pandemic

Despite the ongoing struggles faced by the student housing sector, lenders are still active, according to a recent survey by Student Housing Business. The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on all aspects of on- and off-campus student housing. In an attempt to better assess that impact and the sector’s outlook for the future, Student Housing Business, sister publication of REBusinessOnline, conducted a survey of industry professionals over the course of several weeks in …

Revenue Volatility: Friend or Foe to San Antonio Multifamily Investors?

During the great multifamily bull market of this passing decade, investors became increasingly comfortable with exposure to highly volatile metropolitan markets. In an era when it was difficult to make a bad investment decision, the most lucrative were, in most cases, located in areas of the country known for their roller-coaster real estate cycles. Indeed, it seemed as though a purchase capitalization rate could never be too low if an asset was located in one of the primary markets. Volatility …

Student Housing Q&A: Tim Bradley Provides Capital Markets Update, Post-Pandemic Outlook

In June, Student Housing Business, sister publication to REBusinessOnline, reached out to Timothy Bradley, founder of TSB Capital Advisors, for an update on the market for financing in the student housing sector and the outlook for the year ahead. SHB: How would you describe the market for financing student housing at present? Tim Bradley: The market is challenging but not impossible for the right deal with strong sponsorship. For cash-flowing student housing assets, there is still an …

Austin: The Right Place at the Right Time for Multifamily Sector

“After COVID-19, nothing ever will be the same,” has become a common refrain these days. Perhaps for the next decade or so, every important life choice will be made with public health and safety concerns in mind — and the most commonly chosen solutions will be meaningfully different than before. Among the most fundamental life choices subject to this new scrutiny will be where to live, how to make a living and how to safely move about. Many Americans will opt for less densely populated …

Hospitality Executives See Pockets of Resilience Amid Harsh Impact of COVID-19

A “black swan” event, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the hospitality sector, affecting everything from revenue to operating models and the ability for hotel owners to pay debt service, says Brian Waldman, executive vice president of investments for Peachtree Hotel Group. The insights from Waldman came last Wednesday, July 1, during a webinar he moderated on the current state of the hospitality sector. The session was titled “Distressed Hotels: Sourcing Debt and …

How an Owner Rep Can Fill Gaps Between Designers, Builders

By Evan Wyner, Senior Director of Commissioning and Energy Services, Colliers Project Leaders Designing a building can be a busy, chaotic and somewhat messy process. It is a complicated negotiation between theory and practice in which architects create the vision and the aesthetic of the building and its related spaces, structural engineers develop the bones that ensure the building is sound. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers develop the systems that help create the experience …

Facility Management Will Require Changes Under New COVID-19 Regulations

Facility managers across the nation are sorting through information about the coronavirus and looking at building modifications that can prevent the spread. Owners and tenants alike in the office and retail sectors have turned to facility management professionals to help their businesses thrive under rapidly evolving circumstances. REBusinessOnline recently spoke with three facility management professionals from Lee & Associates via video conference about their company’s approach to …

How COVID-19 Is Drastically Altering Office Design

By Taylor Williams As office-using companies and employees slowly return to their workplaces, they will see major changes in the layouts and functionalities of their buildings and workspaces as a result of COVID-19 — features and practices that could potentially rewrite the playbook for how architects and engineers approach office projects in the future. Virtually all major components of office design stand to be impacted on some level by COVID-19, a virus that spreads through both shared …

Brad Umansky Takes Reins of Retail Brokers Network During Interesting Times for Retail

As Brad Umansky assumed the volunteer role of president of the Retail Brokers Network in May, the nation — and the retail real estate industry — was in the throes of dealing with closures and stay-in-place orders brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Umansky is president of Rancho Cucamonga, California-based Progressive Real Estate Partners, and spoke with REBusinessOnline's sister magazine California Centers about assuming his role for the network at this time, and how its members are …

Student Housing Owners Expect On-Campus Learning Will Return This Fall, Exclusive Survey Reveals

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a major impact on all aspects of on- and off-campus student housing. In an attempt to better assess that impact and the sector’s outlook for the future, Student Housing Business (SHB) conducted a survey of industry professionals over the course of several weeks in May. The survey was segmented by industry function for specific elements of the business, allowing SHB to better understand the pandemic’s distinct influence on each segment of the …

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