Companies still planning and growing in El Paso.

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In general, the economy has created an atmosphere of cautiousness as companies rethink expansions and settle for the status quo. Many companies, such as those engaged in the auto industry, are experiencing a reduction in orders and are reducing their production, inventory and workforce to adjust to this trend.

On the bright side, Foxconn’s industrial park south of Santa Teresa, New Mexico, will provide thousands of new jobs to the region. Suppliers and logistic companies that service Foxconn will locate on both sides of the border, affecting Santa Teresa as well as west El Paso, as the companies compete for a piece of the pie.

Fort Bliss has substantially benefited from the BRAC realignment (See “A Strong Pulse” on the cover). With additional brigades being located at Fort Bliss, the further development of the base infrastructure, housing and tactical facilities are in full swing. With the influx of the more than 60,000 people (which include military personnel and their families), the El Paso region will require additional city/county governmental services, educational facilities, off-base housing and vendors to accommodate this growth in the community. The benefit to the El Paso community will be affected exponentially.

Overall, the market is not in a upward trend, but companies, while being conservative, are still planning and many are still growing. New industries are being created as advances in research provide solutions to industrial, technological and medical problems. Growth will come from these solutions. As the credit market loosens and companies are able to borrow, we will begin to see this growth.

— Mark M. Blaugrund is the president of RECON Real Estate Consultants, Inc. in El Paso.

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