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OMAHA, NEB. — Developers Dan and Sean Mulhall of Omaha have begun the development of Roanoke Business Park, a $30 million mixed-use development located at the intersection of 120th Street and Roanoke Boulevard in Omaha. The project will include 23 lots, all of which will be connected by walking paths that lead through the lots and around a 3-acre lake. Six or seven of the lots will be sold and developed for retail use, with the rest sold for office buildings. Three additional flex lots are located on the west side of 120th Street. The project will be applying for LEED certification, and will include a 30- to 40-foot green buffer around the development, in addition to the walking paths and lake.
Construction has already begun on the first building, a 16,640-square-foot retail building. The building will contain 10 bays, all of which are facing the lake. In addition, Morrisey Engineering has acquired one of the 1.2-acre building sites for the construction of a 12,000-square-foot office building. Morrisey will occupy 8,000 square feet of space within the building, with the remainder occupied by an additional tenant. Omaha-based Investors Realty will be in charge of leasing and sales for the project.

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