Cushman & Wakefield Study: Office Employees Seek ‘Flexible Working Policies’

by Kristin Harlow

CHICAGO — Cushman & Wakefield has conducted a global survey of more than 40,000 individuals to shed light on work-from-home experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, including how employees are coping and what the new normal will look like as offices reopen. Survey respondents represent approximately 30 companies across nearly 20 industries.

Results show that productivity generally remains strong and team collaboration has reached new heights through better leverage of remote technology, says Cushman & Wakefield. Three-quarters of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they are collaborating effectively with colleagues in the current environment, up 10 percent from data gathered before COVID-19. In addition, 73 percent of respondents indicated they would like their companies to embrace long-term or permanent flexible working policies.

“It’s imperative to recognize that the workplace will no longer be a single location, but an ecosystem of a variety of locations and experiences to support flexibility, functionality and employee well-being,” says Brett White, executive chairman and CEO. “That said, we expect current real estate footprint sizes to remain steady. Flexible working practices may result in fewer people in the office at any one time, but that space savings is offset by the need to accommodate social distancing in the office.”

Access the full report here.

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