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ULSTER COUNTY, N.Y. — In Ulster County, a rural community located in New York’s Hudson Valley, development is under way for a 260-acre sustainable business campus. Known as TechCity, the site formerly housed a 2.5 million-square-foot campus for IBM before being acquired by TechCity Properties in 1998. Around 2005, TechCity Properties made the decision to the property into what the project’s developer calls an “eco village.”

The master plan for TechCity calls for the selective demolition of some of the campus’ 27 low-rise buildings in an effort to increase access to the remaining buildings. A new set of internal roads will be built, which will provide buildings with easier access from the street, as well as access to centralized parking. New landscaped spaces will be added, which will create a New Urbanism feel to the site.

TechCity will ultimately contain 2 million square feet of mixed-use space. This will break down into approximately 1 million square feet of industrial space and approximately 350,000 square feet of retail space. The project will also feature residential units, including workforce housing and townhomes, as well as office space, an educational component and a hotel.

“It’s one of the greatest locations that has not been focused on, so it makes it a perfect investment for long-term holders,” says Alan Ginsberg, owner and chairman of TechCity Properties. He adds that the project is centrally located between Montreal and Baltimore, giving it ideal access to major East Coast markets, as well as transportation infrastructure.

TechCity also maintains a commitment to sustainability. This began with the closing of the site’s original oil-burning central utility plant. It will be replaced by low-emission, gas-fired rooftop units in individual buildings. TechCity has also put energy saving measures in place that have lowered the site’s power usage from 9.1 million kilowatt hours in 2006 to 5.8 million kilowatt hours in 2008. Future plans include the installation of solar panels on rooftops, as well as the addition of green roofs on the property’s larger flat rooftops. Ultimately, TechCity hopes to become energy self-sufficient.

The Town of Ulster is also assisting in the redevelopment of TechCity. It has agreed to provide expedited approval for future project at the park, creating the potential for shovel-ready projects.

The project is approximately 30 percent leased, with the largest tenant being Bank of America. Other tenants include Carlisle Cos. and Hunter Panels. Build-out is expected to occur over the next 5 years.

— Coleman Wood

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