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NEW YORK CITY — The New York City School Construction Authority has awarded a 3-year, $8 million contract to Hasbrouck, N.J.-based DMR Architects. The contract provides for the firm to provide design consulting services at various schools throughout the city on an on-call basis. The scope of work will include an assessment of existing mechanical HVAC and climate control systems, followed by upgrades or replacement; plumbing and bathroom renovations; installation of new elevators; and the installation of fire alarms and security systems. DMR recently completed a 2-year, $5 million contract with the Authority in which the firm provided design consulting services at 15 public schools. In addition, construction is nearing completion for another DMR-designed project. This week will mark the completion of the Meadowlands Rail Station, a train station located in the New Jersey Meadowlands that will primarily serve the new football stadium and the Xanadu project. The 950-foot long station features pedestrian overpasses that connect several platforms and a pedestrian plaza with a series of ramps. The project is part of the larger Meadowlands Railroad and Roadway Improvement Project. The stadium and Xanadu are slated for completion in 2010.

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