Grandbridge: Barring Disruptor, No End in Sight for Capital Flowing into CRE

by Sarah Daniels


John Randall of Grandbridge Real Estate Capital talks about the capital available in the commercial real estate market. The risk-adjusted returns available in CML [capital market line] debt capital markets is superior to that offered by alternative investment classes, he says. “Until we see any meaningful steepener on the curve or significant disruption, there’s really no end in sight to the liquidity in both debt and equity flowing into commercial real estate.” This breeds fierce competition, but there has not been any meaningful slippage in risk terms or how lenders are underwriting assets.

As far as the multifamily sector goes, Randall sees no end to the growing demand from renters. “As a country, we are underhoused to the tune of 3 million to 4 million units… and we’re running at an annual deficit in excess of 350,000 units,” he notes.

Watch the interview to hear Randall’s insights on multifamily, as well as Grandbridge’s plans following the merger of BB&T with SunTrust to form Truist. (Grandbridge is a subsidiary of BB&T, now Truist.)


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