Hilco Reveals Redevelopment Plans for Former PES Refinery Site in Philadelphia

by Taylor Williams

PHILADELPHIA — Hilco Redevelopment Partners, the real estate development unit of Hilco Global, has revealed plans for the remediation and repositioning of the 1,300-acre former refinery site of Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES). The development will be known as The Bellwether District. The redevelopment plan includes the demolition of 105 onsite buildings, as well as hydrocarbon processing units, boiler rooms and wastewater treatment plants, to convert the site into a logistics hub that will house between 13 million and 15 million square feet of industrial space. The decommissioning and demolition plans also call for a significant amount of environmental cleanup work, including the removal of some 950 miles of pipeline and various pieces of infrastructure and equipment left behind at what was once the Northeast’s largest refinery.

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