Inland Closes $27M Capital Raise for 261-Unit Luxury Apartment Complex in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward

by Kristin Harlow

MILWAUKEE — Inland Venture Partners LLC (IVP), the private equity real estate arm of Inland Real Estate Investment Corp., has completed a more than $27 million capital raise for a joint venture multifamily development in Milwaukee. The 261-unit luxury apartment project was consummated through one of Inland’s joint venture partners, Kaeding Development Group LLC. IVP purchased the land parcel at 245 Harbor Drive in the city’s Historic Third Ward, and construction began in March 2023. Leasing is expected to begin in January 2025. The property will feature a pool, patio, dog park, parking garage and other amenities.

Construction financing closed in March 2023 in sequence with the construction start, according to Rod Curtis, president of IVP. “The $27 million equity portion of the capital stack was initially backstopped by corporate funding, and as we raised capital from accredited investors, corporate funding was replaced by investor equity. The remaining portion was funding by a third-party construction loan,” he says.

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