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STILLWATER, MINN. — Minneapolis-based Kraus-Anderson Construction Co. is advancing the Campus 2025 project, a multi-phase expansion and renovation of the Government Center in Stillwater. The project will ultimately add more than 200,000 square feet of new space and remodel more than 75,000 square feet of space for courts, county offices and a new 911 call center. Phase I, which is scheduled for completion in May, includes a five-story, 165,777-square-foot addition to the courthouse, which will add new courtrooms, holding areas and judges chambers; as well as a 73,406-square-foot addition to the Law Enforcement Center, which will add new office space, holding areas and a data center. Phase II comprises a 62,000-square-foot remodeling of the existing second-floor courts and office area. Phase III includes a 60,000-square-foot remodeling of the existing first-floor office filing and storage areas. Phase IV will renovate the South Wing of the Government Center. In addition, Kraus-Anderson will also manage the recently announced Phase V of the project, which will also focus on renovations to the South Wing. Wold Architects is serving as project architect for Phase V, which is scheduled for a December 2011 completion. Kraus-Anderson will also be building shell space for future expansion. This aspect of the project will include six unfinished courtrooms and four judges’ chambers, as well as several thousand square feet of office space.

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