Mosaic Construction Completes Renovation of FEW Distillery in Evanston, Illinois

by Kristin Harlow

EVANSTON, ILL. — Mosaic Construction LLC has completed a renovation of FEW Distillery, a craft distillery located at 918 Chicago Ave. in Evanston — the birthplace of Prohibition. Mosaic conducted a structural renovation to the 3,000-square-foot whiskey production facility. According to Mosaic, FEW became the first maker of whiskey and gin in Evanston since the U.S. Congress ended Prohibition nearly 100 years ago. The company opened at a former automotive shop in 2011 with its entrance hidden in an alley. The renovation included new steel columns, support beams, a concrete floor and electrical work. The project team consisted of Moshe Calamaro and Associates (engineering), Battaglia Electric (electric), Twin Bros. Paving (concrete flooring) and GCS Roman Steel Work (steel).

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