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Pavlov Media is an independently owned and operated internet service provider (ISP), servicing fiber-optic internet to an international clientele of MDU properties, businesses and homeowners alike. Pavlov Media supports its very own 100-gigabit backbone network that keeps their customers connected to reliable and secure internet, providing a cutting-edge resource for all their data needs.

Pavlov Media doesn’t just dabble in network infrastructure. They build, own, and operate their 100 Gigabit national backbone network. Their crews construct the fiber and Colo facilities that make up the heart of Pavlov’s backbone. Pavlov’s expert network operators understand how to intelligently, reliably, and securely distribute massive quantities of data across their nationwide network. And they make it easy for you to leverage this powerful, cutting-edge resource for all your data needs.
Pavlov Media Points of Distinction

Over the past 25 years, Pavlov Media has taken an industry leadership role:

  • Developed a unique 100 Gigabit nationwide network
  • Launched the most bulk managed Wi-Fi communities for multifamily
  • Built local fiber networks in many of their markets today
  • Delivered “in-house” specialized MDU service and support
  • National scale to service their clients
Specialists in Network Design and Install
  • Pavlov engineers have decades of experience in both greenfield and brownfield design and implementation.
  • The team designs networks with ethernet, fiber to the home and managed Wi-Fi for garden-style and high-rise communities.
  • Pavlov Media implements infrastructure upgrades to existing communities to modernize or re-position.
  • Project management and installation managed in-house.
  • Onboarding new residents and communities is a “success point” for Pavlov Media.

Pavlov Media Key Contacts and Lines of Business

Bryan Rader,
President MDU Services
Phone: (217) 353-3030, Ext 1204

Jason Free,
Director of Marketing
Office: (217) 353-3000, Ext 1311
Cell: (629) 239-5685

Glenn Meyer,
President & Chief Revenue Officer
Phone: (425) 503-0943, Ext 1411

Mike O’Linc,
President, Infrastructure
Phone: (217) 353-3021, Ext 1600

Multifamily Technology
Managed IT
Digital Voice
Low Voltage Installation

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