TD Bank: Practical Steps to Promote Affordable Housing

by Sarah Daniels


2020 looks like it will be a record year in terms of delivery of multifamily units, according to Gregg Gerken, Head of U.S. Commercial Real Estate with TD Bank. But how much will Class A continue to dominate the market?

“There is a movement toward rent control. Affordable housing is an obvious pressure in the industry,” Gerken says. Entitlement and construction costs mean that developers have focused on Class A projects and LIHTC-supported affordable housing projects.

“But much more emphasis will have to be placed on workforce housing and Class B new delivery. There is an unmet — and almost unlimited — demand in that space,” Gerken says.

The question is: can the industry influence government — especially local government — to change entitlement processes to encourage development of more affordable housing?

Watch the interview for Gerken’s insights on affordable housing development.

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