The strength of multifamily has been well solidified over the past few years, but a new contender in the rental market is making waves, according to Kris Mikkelsen, executive vice president, Walker & Dunlop Investment Sales. Single-family rental (SFR) and build-for-rent (BFR) spaces are growing increasingly popular.

  • An SFR is a group of homes-for-rent pooled together for investment purposes
  • BFR properties are purpose-built housing operated as SFR investments

“SFR is in the distributed model: individual homes managed by tech-driven management platforms that were the formation of the single-family REITs you see in existence today. The build-for-rent space existed pre-COVID but has really been accelerated post-COVID as the end consumer looks to de-densify,” says Mikkelsen.

Much of the demand has been driven to more suburban markets, with COVID-19 creating a sudden and palpable need for space among renters. Other factors — including declining home ownership rates and the high demand for multifamily options — have all contributed to the growth of this asset class and subsequent interest from larger institutional investors.

Watch Mikkelsen’s interview to learn about demand for SFR/BFR space and changing renter demographics accelerating the growth of this asset class.

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