Web-Based Appraisal Tool Supports Massive Increase in Demand for Multifamily Valuations

by Sarah Daniels


Multifamily appraisers are extremely busy as investor interest in the sector is at an all-time high.

“In terms of appraisal professionals, there is a supply and demand issue,” explains Meghan Czechowski, managing director and valuation lead for Apprise by Walker & Dunlop.

She notes that the industry has greater demand for valuation than it has qualified appraisers. “Apprise is ensuring that we can support our appraisal staff and our local market experts with a tech-enabled process so that they can do their jobs more efficiently and get the values (and market information in general) into our clients’ hands as quickly as possible,” she adds.

Czechowski focuses on the ways that web-based multifamily valuations can be streamlined to create a faster and more complete picture of properties. Multifamily experts need information on properties/parcels that comes from “multiple industry-standard resources such as Yardi, REIS, RCA and public record aggregators.”

Parcel-level information, unit mix metrics, sale leads, land records and site assessment information are all available through Apprise’s platform via a single sign on to a dashboard that reflects information that is constantly being updated. This means that when an expert uses this platform and picks up the phone to confirm about capitalization rates or how incomes and expenses were derived, the expert can fully understand the dataset and use it to review the value.

Watch Czechowski’s interview to learn more about the utility of web-based valuations and how they are shaping the future of multifamily appraisals.

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