Webinar: Impact Investing: ESG/C-PACE/Brownfield Remediation

by Sarah Daniels



On June 29, France Media hosted the “Impact Investing: ESG/C-PACE/Brownfield Remediation” webinar, sponsored by Enhanced Capital. Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) investing is one of the biggest trends in commercial real estate finance, and the interest in this form of financing is only expected to accelerate.

Michael Korengold, President & CEO, Enhanced Capital, explained the transformation of ESG over the past few years. “ESG became a consideration that certain investors were seeking in their portfolios… where they were screening out investments that they no longer wanted to have in their portfolios (including tobacco, fossil fuels or unfair labor practices in foreign countries). And that became one way for people to feel better about their investments. That core concept of negative screening has evolved into more of an affirmative approach to directing investment to achieve nonpecuniary or economic outcomes. Enhanced Capital doesn’t make concessions on returns, but we’ve always participated in mandates that seek some kind of definable, quantifiable metric-driven impact outcomes.”

Listen to experts share their thoughts on protocols, methods for adhering to socially responsible tenets, positive impacts on valuation and considerations for the triple bottom line.

See a list of some topics covered below:

  • Interest rates on C-PACE loans
  • CARES Act effect on enterprise zones and other incentives
  • Guidelines and requirements for the HUD financing programs
  • Low income housing tax credits (LIHTC)


  • Michael Korengold, President & CEO, Enhanced Capital
  • Dusty Dickerson, Managing Director, Enhanced Capital
  • Ian McCulley, Director, Enhanced Capital
  • Peter Neumeier, Director, Enhanced Capital (moderator)

Webinar sponsor: Enhanced Capital‘s Impact Equity Strategies finance projects with tangible community, social, and environmental benefits. Enhanced sources, diligences, and executes transactions across multiple incentive programs to provide private capital to public policy initiatives. Enhanced works with investors to repurpose their tax liability to generate a return through tax credit investments across the following programs: solar ITC, historic RETC, NMTC, LIHTC and others. Enhanced Capital is active in Opportunity Zones and offers C-PACE financing as well.

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