Webinar — The Future of Multifamily Advertising is Here: How Automation is Transforming Housing

by Sarah Daniels


On Oct. 12, France Media hosted the “The Future of Multifamily Advertising is Here: How Automation is Transforming Housing” webinar, sponsored by Conversion Logix. A growing need for marketing automation in the industry means organizations are looking for improved tools and technology.

Curious about how to mesh Google ads and social media video ads, retargeting campaigns, website experiences, virtual tours, emails and more into a coherent marketing approach for multifamily? Want to learn more about engagement personalization? Hear how to prepare your organization for marketing automation and make the most of the data you collect. Watch this brief webinar for tips, tricks and tech.

“The multifamily marketing landscape continues to evolve,” says Crystal Banegas, new business development manager at Conversion Logix. She explains that as the world of marketing technology expands, marketers need to evolve as well to best take advantage of time-saving, personalizing technology that frees marketers to look at their advertising strategically — using real-time data to personalize (but not pester) leads.

Click to listen. A copy of the webinar presentation may be downloaded here.
See a list of major topics covered below:

  • Integration of real-time data — sharing information useful to
    • Teams
    • Vendors
    • Organizations
  • Making the best use of built-in tools in sales and marketing platforms
  • Ad automation assistance with
    • Instant optimization — gathering data, analyzing information and applying it quickly
    • Faster speed of contact with leads
    • Real-time ad updates
    • Search/social ad automation
  • Preparing your organization for automation:
    • Customer journey tracking
    • Centalizing and standardizing marketing data
    • Automating responses
    • Partnering with ad automation specialists

Webinar sponsor Conversion Logix is a marketing and technology company dedicated to generating leads, appointments, and sales for multifamily housing, student housing, and senior living operators. For more information visit, conversionlogix.com.

Listen to hear what panelists think about multifamily marketing automation and how best to implement it.

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