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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. — The city of West Hollywood has broken ground on its 25th Anniversary Capital Improvement Project. The $125 million project includes the development of three LEED-certified facilities and the expansion of the city’s open space.

The first phase of development, which involves upgrading West Hollywood Park, includes a 42,000-square-foot library, two municipal parking garages, a coffee bar, and a new facility to house public meetings and City Government Access Television facilities. Designed by MDA Johnson Favaro, the library is expected to meet LEED Silver certification.

In a statement, the city’s Mayor Abbe Land said “the new library will truly be a place where everyone can come together in an environment that fosters learning and community. We are so grateful to be able to help build a library that reflects the values of our city and will serve this community for decades to come.”

Heery International is serving as construction manager for the project. According to a release, the company is in charge of commissioning services, which is a key part of the city’s pursuit of LEED certification, explains Daniel Adams, project manager for Heery. “[Heery] will play a significant role in monitoring sustainable initiatives and ensuring the LEED criteria are met, since each new facility in West Hollywood is pursuing Silver certification.”

The second phase includes an 18,000-square-foot West Hollywood Community Service Center, which will include meeting rooms, office space and a 200-space parking structure. The third phase, Plummer Park, includes the renovation of Fiesta Hall into a multi-purpose performance venue, as well as expansions to parking and parkland. The park redesign will also include an east-west promenade, a formal garden and new water features. The library portion of the project is scheduled for completion in summer 2011, with the other projects continuing for several years.

— Amy Bigley

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